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Will Bernie Finally Stop Smirking?

Will Bernie Finally Stop Smirking?

One of the truly amazing aspects of the Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme is that throughout it all, Bernie maintained a smirk on his face.  The almost perfect psychopath, Bernie felt no sympathy for his victims, even those who committed suicide upon discovering that a life’s savings were gone.

In an article dated today, but written yesterday, The Wall Street Journal profiled how Bernie’s scheme has affected his family and business associates.  As to eldest son Mark, the Journal wrote:

Mark Madoff, 46 years old, lives in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood with his wife, Stephanie, who changed her last name from Madoff to Morgan after Bernard Madoff’s arrest. The couple bought a $6.5 million home in Nantucket, Mass in mid-2008. It’s currently for sale, according to a person familiar with the sons’ finances.

“Mark remains unalterably bitter about his father’s deception and the injury his father has caused,” said a spokeswoman for the two men.

Sometime overnight Mark committed suicide, hanging himself in the bathroom of his apartment.

I take no joy in Bernie’s destruction of his own family, even though Bernie seemed to take a quiet pleasure in the destruction of other families.

But I do wonder if Bernie will finally stop smirking, and if so, if it will be only because Bernie feels sorry for himself.

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Even though I have enough reason's to wish nothing but misery on Madoff nevertheless even he doesn't deserve this kind of pain. Physical torturing Madoff would not bother me in the least. But even scum of the earth have some humanity and even Madoff must be crushed by the death of his son and father of his grandson especially when he is so directly responsible for driving the son to commit suicide.

sort of runic rhyme | December 11, 2010 at 5:49 pm

How beyond awful for Madoff's victims and for any of his own family who were truly unaware of his cons.

I know what it's like to be a mark for malicious pretenders. Your money and trust get depleted, while their blackmailing slander never zeroes out.

Puto caveo? We should all understand moral deficit accounting.

Yes, "almost perfect psychopath." For sure.

Sad on so many levels, and avoidable. Bernie should have confessed, remitted what was possible, and finished himself. What a remarkable failure this man has become.

Psychopath is not the correct term to describe Bernie Madoff.

Sociopath is.

A few years ago the pieces were in place whereby I expected to be set for life. Instead I am subject to serious financial risk in the medium term. It took me time to recognize that bitterness was impairing me, and more time to deal with the impairment.

My current situation is much less extreme than Mark Madoff's but, presuming he is innocent of wrongdoing, I can extrapolate to his despair.

If there is an afterlife, hopefully Mark found healing there. RIP.

It takes greater Compassion than mine to have any sympathy for his father.

As I've read it. The people who involved their money with Madoff, willingly wanted and some begged to be part of this exclusive, 'Madoff Money Club', where they were miraculously recieving 10% returns on their investments, year after year. NO ONE CARED when the money flowed like wine into the portfolios. It all went poof and in an instant it vanished. I can't imagine the horror and dispair. But what must have been the feeling of opening those account statements all along. It must have been the polar opposite of horror and dispair.

Our 401k accounts just hung out there in reality and now are worth !@#$ after 15 years. We couldn't even get our hands on it without a tax spanking. Where is the trust to be had for anyone.

It's mind bending that a 2 year old was sound asleep nearby this hanging.

The apple didn't fall far from the tree.

"Even though I have enough reason's to wish nothing but misery on Madoff nevertheless even he doesn't deserve this kind of pain."

Who says he's experiencing pain? You're projecting.

Read a psychopath forum sometime. They do not have feelings about anyone, including their kin.

That's what most normal people just don't get. Irredeemably (probably congenitally) evil people simply exist.