Another rush of legislation, taxes, budget, and a host of social agenda items.

We’ve seen this bad movie before.  It resulted in Stimulus, and the Christmas Eve Obamacare vote last year.

And it appears to be happening again.

This lame duck Congress has no political legitimacy to pass anything other than a continuing budget resolution (including defense) to keep the government operating until the new Congress can consider a full budget, and perhaps to straighten out the tax situation since taxes will rise before the new Congress is seated if nothing is done.

Much beyond that, Mitch McConnell should be shutting down the Senate.

Sweeping social legislation and other non-emergency items should be deferred until the new Congress, rather than having several dozen Congressman and several Senators who have been voted out of or are leaving office decide the fate of such matters.  If these social agenda items were such a priority, they could have been brought up months ago, when Congressmen with a political stake in the vote were voting.

Mitch McConnell has a chance to earn the trust of the voters who have given him six new votes, and provided him with the backing of an incoming Republican House.  Don’t blow it.

Update:  A commenter asks “How can we make sure Senator McConnell gets this message loud and clear?”  His Washington office phone number is 202-224-2541, and the e-mail contact form is here.  As always, be polite.

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