Apparently the FDNY is going to implement emergency services “crash tax” starting next year.

Getting hurt in a car accident is painful enough, but if firefighters have to respond, expect more pain — in your wallet.

Starting next summer, the city plans to bill drivers in accidents that require an emergency response.

The so-called “crash tax” works like this: A car fire or accident with injury would cost you $490. A car fire without injury, $415. And any vehicle accident without injury will run you $365.”

Worse yet, the department will charge you even if the accident wasn’t your fault.

The FDNY says: “We want to relieve pressure on the taxpayer and place it on those at fault and their insurance. Right now if you’re at fault at an accident or a vehicle fire, you get a free ride. And that should not be borne by the taxpayers.”

Wait, hold on, so I should get government approved healthcare, but if my life is in jeopardy it is asking too much to have a “free ride” from a group of men who are paid to save my life in the first place?! If I was receiving a tax deduction and merely had to pay every time I use a service, I would understand and encourage this new practice. However, I was under the impression that my taxes contributed to the preservation of my life in an emergency. In other words, is it fair to bill people twice for the same services?


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