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Shocker – Eric “Tickles” Massa Named To “Worst Bosses List”

Shocker – Eric “Tickles” Massa Named To “Worst Bosses List”

Eric Massa, the former New York Democratic Congressman who resigned in disgrace after admitting that he “tickled” staffers inappropriately and who accused Rahm Emanuel of touching him in the shower, has been named to the list of the nation’s Worst Bosses.

As reported by the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle:

Ten months after he resigned from the House of Representatives in disgrace, former Congressman Eric Massa has earned a dubious honor.

Massa, the Corning Democrat who resigned in the middle of his freshman term amid allegations of sexual harassment and abuse of congressional staffers, was named among the worst bosses in the country by an organization that ranks employers.

Massa came in at No. 4 on the annual list, released Monday by eBossWatch. He is among a group that included doctors, a police chief, a university dean, a judge and actor Steven Seagal.

The full list is here.

For those of you who have forgotten, here is a clip from Massa’s meltdown on the Glenn Beck Show:


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OK, I'll bite…I've seen this guy in a number of interviews/appearances. Froot Loop.