Whenever something incriminating about the Clinton family arises, I look to Dick Morris for analysis. His latest TownHall article with Eileen McGann does not disappoint.

The Wikileaks information indicates that Hillary — and her predecessor, Condolleeza Rice — instructed American diplomats to gather information about “office and organizational titles; names, position titles and other information on business cards; numbers of telephones, cell phones, pagers, and faxes,” as well as “Internet and intranet ‘handles’; Internet e-mail addresses, website identification-URLs; credit card account numbers; frequent-flier account numbers; work schedules, and other relevant biographical information.”

The New York Times explains that this information could be used to develop intelligence about the activities and whereabouts of foreign diplomatic personnel.

Seems like old times. In the 1992 presidential campaign, the Clintons retained private detectives to learn negative information about the women who were accusing Bill of improper conduct so as to provide blackmail material to cow them into silence. During his White House tenure, FBI files on prominent Republicans somehow ended up on the desk of an operative who was hired pursuant to Hillary’s recommendation after a career as a bar bouncer.”

The Wikileaks fiasco has had a slew of black clouds, but maybe this exposure of Hillary is a sort of silver lining…

Any thoughts on her conduct?

Also, on my “home website,” my friend Andrew Glidden has contributed what I believe to be a great assessment of the Obama administration “post-Shellacking.”


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