If there were any doubt that WikiLeaks is not about open government, but giving aid and comfort to enemies of the U.S., then the latest release of a State Department document listing facilities vital to U.S. security ends any doubt. 

The document is described by the BBC — hardly a right-wing organization — as a terrorist wish list:

A long list of key facilities around the world that the US describes as vital to its national security has been released by Wikileaks.

In February 2009 the State Department asked all US missions abroad to list all installations whose loss could critically affect US national security.

The list includes pipelines, communication and transport hubs.

Several UK sites are listed, including cable locations, satellite sites and BAE Systems plants.

BBC diplomatic correspondent Jonathan Marcus says this is probably the most controversial document yet from the Wikileaks organisation….

The critical question is whether this really is a listing of potential targets that might be of use to a terrorist, our correspondent says.

The cable contains a simple listing. In many cases towns are noted as the location but not actual street addresses, although this is unlikely to stop anyone with access to the internet from locating them.

There are also no details of security measures at any of the listed sites.

What the list might do is to prompt potential attackers to look at a broader range of targets, especially given that the US authorities classify them as being so important.

There is no possible justification for the release of this document other than to harm the U.S.  The document has nothing to do with policy or diplomacy or any of the other excuses used for the release of diplomatic cables.

In related news, Julian Assange is renewing his threat to release his “insurance” file, supposedly the most sensitive documents, if he is arrested or WikiLeaks shut down.

I say we call Assange’s bluff, even if it is not a bluff.  No negotiation with terrorists.

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