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Names to Know: Nikki Haley

Names to Know: Nikki Haley

Bob Costa and Andrew Stiles of National Review had a great interview with South Carolina’s Governor-elect Nikki Haley. Before today, I didn’t know much about her aside from her policies (vaguely) but I’m really glad I took the time to read the interview. Particularly when I came to this:

If you want to talk about someone I love, it’s Margaret Thatcher,” Haley says. The former British prime minister “said things that needed to be said; she did things that needed to be done. She didn’t worry about hurting people’s feelings.”

She sounds like a perfect addition to the Chris Christie era of “telling it like it is”! I can’t wait to see Gov. Haley in action! Any readers from South Carolina have something to add about Haley?


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I'm not from SC, but I did enjoy reading this article today (linked off of

She isn't what she appears to be. She has proposed raising taxes in SC and just this past week added one of the most liberal Republicans in the state to her team of advisors.

Thank you for a positive item on conservative women. Much appreciated!!

Nikki was just at the Governor's Association meeting at the WH with Pres. Obama. She called him out to support repeal of Obamacare but he refused. She then demanded that Obama give SC the right to opt out of Obamacare, which he didn't address. She also demanded that Obama refund the monies that SC had to use to build a nuke storage facility, because he refuses to go forward with the Yucca facility.
Great going Nikki.

She and Jindal are India's best gifts to the U.S. I love them both. And they are both Republlicans.

I live here in Columbia, SC. check out and the story of her trip to washington, then scroll down to the comments. all the hyperventilating by the left tells the complete tale. she was also referred to as a "raghead" by Jake Knotts, Will Folks claimed they had an extramarital affair and a pal of mine with ties to a newly elected state representative (his wife) claims she is a big "skank" who is "sleeping with everybody". guess which party he is affiliated with…..close ties to V Sheheen.
She has ridden a wave of popular support but she sure seems to tell it like it is. she is very popular with the TEA party folks here and I am expecting good things from her, I just hope she doesn't turn out to be another D Beasley. Showbiz111 pretty much summed it up.
Go Nikki Haley!

1. John M. Masslon II said…She isn't what she appears to be. She has proposed raising taxes in SC and just this past week added one of the most liberal Republicans in the state to her team of advisors.

When somebody makes a statement like that without a hyperlink, I'm dubious. In this case, however, corroborative hyperlinks are not hard to find.

2. I assume that Democratic politicians can't be believed. Ever since the 1988 Read My Lips campaign, I look for indications that Republican politicians shouldn't be believed–and they're usually easy to find. From the NR interview:

“I’m not going to settle for a Republican House, a Republican Senate, and a Republican governor,” Haley says. “It’s about a conservative House, a conservative Senate, and a conservative governor…”

A cynical voice whispers to me that "conservative" here means pro-Nikki-Haley.

When it comes to dealing with legislators, Haley says predictability is a must. She thinks Gov. Mark Sanford (R.), her predecessor, was “reactionary by nature.”


“I’m fighting to get my legislators to vote on the record, to show all spending online, to pass term limits and spending caps — doing all that we can to hold officials accountable.”

At the federal level the executive, legislature, and judiciary are coequal branches of government. If that holds in SC–without having read the state constituion, I suspect it does–, they're not Haley's legislators at all. This is a limited-government conservative talking? Maybe I'm reading too much into Haley's choice of words…or maybe not.

1. Kathleen, although my previous comment expressed skepticism about Haley, your post was worthwhile. I encourage you to report more about Haley as her record emerges.

2. In any event, skepticism is not the same thing as opposition. Haley is preferable to the people who tried to smear her in the primary, and who successfully smeared McCain in 2000.

3. Maybe a 'Names to Watch' feature would be a blogging niche for you. It might not get a lot of attention at first, but could well become a resource for Insurrection readers as those names become better known. (That's not the only topic you should blog about, of course.)

4. If you continue with the 'Names to Watch' theme, IMHO it deserves its own entry beneath the Labels header.

Nikki Hayley will never be a POTUS candidate. Her parents were not USA citizens when she was born. End of story…. please let her just be a Governor.