The Manhattan Institute has launched a new website, Public Sector, Inc. The whole concept of the website is “dedicated to the preservation of the budgetary status quo in recession-ravaged state capitals and city halls throughout the country. This website is designed to illuminate the public sector problem and offer solutions for governmental reform in the broad public interest.” Needless to say, I owe much thanks to MI as I am certain I’ll be citing this source for months to come as the Christie, Corbett, Daniels, and Haley governorships take on the public sector unions! I suspect this resource is their Christmas gift to right-wingers.

Also, there is a viral video going around that does an exceptional job of explaining some of F.A. Hayek’s monumental work and happens to be pretty easy on the ears. “I’m in love with Hayek” will be on my playlist after Rudolph and Jingle Bells…


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