Tom Woods, one of my favorite historians, wrote a book detailing the 2008 financial crisis titled ‘Meltdown.’ The book outlines how government intervention and ignorance led to the mess we’re still cleaning up. While this is something we all, more or less, know as right-leaning persons, someone took the effort to seriously synthesize and present the case in an academic fashion. Woods is a great writer and consistently offers clever solutions, which is why I’m so glad to hear that ‘Meltdown’ is being adapted into a documentary-style film. I doubt it will reach a very broad audience, but for people like myself who want to hear the case he presents, but maybe are too pressed for time to sift through a few hundred pages, it will be a fantastic way to spend an hour.

I find documentaries to be a very useful, easy way to digest information. (Particularly by this time of year as my eyes are pretty sore from reading the books my courses assign…) However, the classic problem has always been that the big players in film, and most media, have a liberal slant to them. I suspect, that, in age where the internet has made movies, marketing, and ideas far more accessible, this domination will be undercut. Companies like the Moving Picture Institute produce films that help spread information from a classical liberal perspective.


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