Following up on my Official Predictions and Not Predictions for 2011, I have put together, with input from readers, Legal Insurrection’s Official New Year’s Resolutions.

Actually, it comes down to just a single resolution, as follows:

To keep up the fight against a seemingly unstoppable expansion of government into every aspect of our lives, and to restore a Constitutional balance between government and citizen.

In practice, this will hopefully fulfill the following reader suggestions:

  • JohnJ – “Deal liberalism a crushing defeat and secure the freedom of America for another generation.”
  • lgstarr – “to find the best possible candidate to beat Obama in 2012 so that we can stop Obamacare and start the process of restoring our constitutional republic!”
  • frances glass – “To continue to be one of the logically soundest and politically sanest voices on the web”
  • Lynndh – “To stay angry with the pols and drink lots of Tea”

The one thing I cannot promise to do is that which was suggested by Clink, “convert at least one liberal Cornell professor, thereby increasing the conservative side by 100%.”  I may be a dreamer, but I’m not crazy.

Happy New Year to all my regular readers.  I’ve appreciated the time you’ve spent here, the comments, and the faith you have placed in me. 

[insert obligatory thanks to the Wife here]

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