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As reported by TaxProf, Professor Richard Schmalbeck at Duke is worried that high net worth individuals nearing death — or their relatives — will accelerate the end due to the looming increase in the estate tax:

Unless Congress acts very quickly, there will be blood as the accidental estate tax “holiday” slouches toward expiration on December 31. Tax “holidays,” during which a tax is temporarily suspended, are questionable tax policy at best. But they are truly disastrous in the case of a tax that is triggered only by death. Estates that might be exposed to the tax can channel the incidence of the taxable event into the window of the tax holiday, but only through homicide or suicide (or the practical equivalents of “pulling the plug” on life support devices).

I’ll probably regret this question, but I’ll ask it anyway:

Will any of the Democrats in Congress who want to roll the estate tax back to Clinton-era levels care?  Or will they yell, Jump!?

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I doubt most care. Grayson might yell. 'Cause, hey, its for the greater good. Just think of all the carbon footprints eliminated!

The Left cares about "people", not individuals. Individuals are messy.

Once that's understood, a whole lot of things start making sense.