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Israeli Military Shark Unit Exposed

Israeli Military Shark Unit Exposed

Sometimes you stumble upon a news story that is so absurd it makes you question your hope for the world. Today, I found one of those.

An Egyptian official believes that Israel’s intelligence agency might be behind the fatal shark attack of a German tourist in Sinai over the weekend, the Jerusalem Post reports:

Egyptian officials say they have not ruled out the possibility that a fatal shark attack in Sinai on Sunday could have been a plot by the Mossad.

“What is being said about the Mossad throwing the deadly shark [in the sea] to hit tourism in Egypt is not out of the question, but it needs time to confirm,” South Sinai Gov

Muhammad Abdel Fadil Shousha was quoted as saying by the Egyptian state news site

Israeli officials said the claims were too ludicrous to comment on. Israel has issued an advisory warning against travel to Sinai due to plots against Israelis by terrorist groups linked to al-Qaida.


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I, too, blame the Jooooooooos; and BUSH also!

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – A Saudi official believes that Israel's intelligence agency may have played a part in the covert Bergenheim Beachwear trunk ink-swap event leaked last week. The official also stated that a contest was devised that encouraged German bathers to promote their swimwear while vacationing in Egypt, a part of the new 'Red Sphinx' line of casual swimwear recently introduced by Bergenheim in Bonn…

Dear merciful heavens, has it come to this? The nutjobs are becoming less and less shy about displaying their lunacy! Time to retire to the hill country of West Virginia and just hide out!

Did the shark have a laser beam attached to its head?

@Graumagus, I figure every creature deserves a warm meal.

I like the post, run with it, have waaaay too much fun with it… but also find a serious point by the end, here:

Warning: while about 75% of that post is light and funny, it shows you the violence this kind of paranoid anti-semtism leads to.

Those Juice! Oy vey! What a people! Now they got Juiceish sharks too, and we ain't talkin' NY lawyers!

Wait until they find out that the Christians, especially the pope, are Juice, too.

laser beams? Only the shark mohels get those. i mean how else can they do their work?

@ A.W., I agree wholeheartedly. (That's why I prefaced with "Sometimes you stumble upon a news story that is so absurd it makes you question your hope for the world." What good can come when one camp seems entrenched in insane paranoia?) That's a great post by patterico.

sort of runic rhyme | December 7, 2010 at 8:09 pm

Hellooo, people. This is classic Israeli shark and awe tactics.

"at least make it one that sounds…plausible"

No problem: The target audience is so laughably ignorant and foolish that they'll believe anything. All you have to do is say "jooooz!" and Egyptians start frothing and the mouth and wetting their pants.

You mean the Israelis have found a way to train sharks to profile Muslim terrorists?

pst314, it's not "jooooz"; it's "Juice." I got that from an unimpeachable source: some terrorist wannabe in NJ who posted a sign about "kill the Juice!"

The Israeli sharks are more effective than the T&A;.


If you look close at that sign it says "kill the (zionist) juice"–i sh-t you not. he actually added in the word zionist in small letters and parenthesis.

sort of runic rhyme | December 8, 2010 at 11:44 am

Zionist juice sounds like Mogen David 😉

Me, I dislike the drink but love the drinkers.

"Death To All (zionist) Juice". Apparently orange and grape are still OK though.

Once again, the Serbs saved the day…