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First “Palin-Coulter 2012” Bumper Sticker Spotted

First “Palin-Coulter 2012” Bumper Sticker Spotted

Thanks to a reader for this photo taken in St. Petersburg, FL, earlier this week:

I almost missed the most important part of the photo, which would cause heads to explode:

It would be worth it, just to see the reaction.  And if they won …

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OMG. Still trying to get my head around a Palin/Coulter ticket…can you imagine the contortions some women would participate in explaining why they couldn't support? Ann Coulter would be positioned as the female version of Dick Cheney by the left…the mind races…

I wish I could sport bumper stickers like that without fear of being targeted. Sadly, I cannot. And it's not just because I live in a deeply blue state. It's because the lefties everywhere are so unhinged.

As a conservative woman, I wouldn't vote for these two fake conservative loudmouths if you put a gun to my head. Between teh two of them, they ain't got 1% of Ron Pauls brains.. and when it comes to honour and a commitment to transparent goverment; lets not embarrass the two 'ladies'.

I don't vote for someone cause they are the same gender, race or even political party as I am; I vote for a man or woman based on their integrity and their principles, and whether they practice what they preach!


Who did you cast your vote(s) for in 2008?

I'd like to know just who exactly meets your 'integrity', 'principle' and 'example' metrics. Do tell.

Hey donttread2010, if you want an idea of Andrea's "principles" – with examples – click thru her Blogger profile for the links to fringe groups like "American Third Position". Their Mission Statement: "The American Third Position exists to represent the political interests of White Americans"…
Well, since Sarah married a Yu'pik native American, (and even worse, sired children with him!sarc) I'll bet she'll never meet Andrea's purity tests. Furthermore, she wears that d*mn Zionist Occupation Government's flag on her lapel! Traitor! (/sarc)

Yeah professor, heads are explodin'….

Wow! Palin-Coulter…Professor, that is a dream team! And more testosterone between them than most of DC combined at this moment!

I wouldn't like to see Ann Coulter "a heartbeat away from the Presidency"; for my money, her strong point is a catchy turn of phrase, being the attack dog of the debate team, and so forth. That's the sort of person we'd want advising the President, or perhaps advocating for the Administration… not making policy.

(Ann Coulter as President Palin's press secretary! Now THAT'S something I could support.)

Has Ms. Coulter ever actually run anything? Let's not fall into the trap the Democrats did, of hiring someone with no work experience whatsoever, just because he looks and sounds good.

Daniel in Brookline

My dream ticket would be Palin/Bolton. The 'Cuda and the "Stache!

@ DanO

Yes, but getting a reply might have been more fun than pointing to some clues.

The silence is deafening. Telling.

Andrea, Ron Paul would fail as President of the U.S. He would ignore anything that occured outside of the U.S. borders and as a result, alot of threats to the U.S. would go unchecked/unchallenged. As in the 1930's, the world saw what happens when dangerous threats are ignored because they aren't in 'our' backyards. With Ron Paul as President, China would immediately invade Taiwan. North Korea would invade and take over the South. Russia would start to reclaim the european territories they lost under the fall of communism. The Taliban would resurge in Afghanistan. Pakistan and India would war with each other etc. Total chaos would ensue, the world economy would be in a worse state than it is now, or at least it would be headed in that direction down the road, and in Ron Paul's mind, everything would be hunky-dory because America was 'minding its own business'.