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Elizabeth Edwards / Update: RIP

Elizabeth Edwards / Update: RIP

I am saddened that Elizabeth Edwards’ cancer has reached the point that treatment no longer is an option.

Whatever her politics, she didn’t deserve the cards she was dealt in life by an unscrupulous husband and disease.

I wish her well in her final months.

Update 5:48 p.m.:  I didn’t realize the end was so near based on the news reports this morning.  Elizabeth Edwards passed away this morning, right around the time of my original post.  I’m not sure why this has affected me so much; perhaps it’s the thought of how she must have felt knowing that the person she loved the most and to whom she was so devoted had betrayed her.  I hope she found peace in those final moments.

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Spoken like a true gentleman. I wish that liberals had such sentiments when it is a Repub or Conservative who is suffering.

Babe, she's dead. May God's perpetual light shine upon her and may she rest in peace.

Meantime, I'm wondering: dead so fast?

As a 6-month breast cancer survivor with 4 young children, I can say that one of the heaviest things on my mind throughout all of this is what would my children's lives be like if my cancer were to come back and I don't live beyond a few years — if they have to grow up without their mom. In my case, I know that my husband will always be someone they can look up to with pride and awe. If anyone ever tells them they're just like their father, they will take it as a compliment. Elizabeth Edwards died without that comfort and that is the saddest part of all of this.

May she rest in peace.

Nice post professor.

Good bless her and her children.

I was…umm….a bit harder on John when I posted about this:

"Can I just say this? Elizabeth Edwards was betrayed by her husband in monumental ways. She stood by him through the death of one of their sons, through his delusional presidential hopes, and this maggot pissed in her face. If there is a hell, John Edwards has reserved his place there for all time. There was a time, when I was still young and foolish and I was a Democrat (but I repeat myself), that I kind of supported Edwards. What a fool I was. I'd roast John over a slow spit if I could. You just don't treat your wife that way, no matter how many young, nubile women want to f*** you. YOU JUST DON'T, not and call yourself a man you don't. F*** you John Edwards, the best thing you could have hoped for, a wife who loves and supports you, is exactly what you willfully threw away. I hope you rot in hell for eternity. I really, seriously, hate this son of a bitch, and wish him pain beyond imagining. He's a cancer on the body of America."

Perhaps overboard, but his actions honestly appall me in the same way child abuse does.