I’m not talking about DADT or the military troops.

I’m talking about the political troops who worked their rear ends off to take back the House of Representatives and narrow the gap in the Senate, only to watch Barack Obama and Harry Reid run circles in the closing weeks of the lame duck session around Republicans on everything except the Omnibus bill and the Dream Act.

Nothing of a non-emergency nature should take place in a lame duck session, and Republicans should have stuck to their original guns.  It is absurd and illegitimate that the fate of the nation for years or decades to come is being decided by people who have been thrown out of office.

The “tax deal” bizarrely has become Obama’s feather in the cap, and the pledge by Republicans not to allow any votes until both tax rates and a budget resolution were passed was reduced to a “read my lips” moment. 

Several Republican Senators who will not be in the Senate in two weeks were a weak link exploited by Reid to the breaking point.

Maybe it’s that the daylight has been getting shorter until tomorrow, but it’s been a demoralizing December.

Update:  Is there a light at the end of December?

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has a warning for Democrats seething over his shrewd political tactics: Get used to it.

“There’s much for them to be angst-ridden about,” McConnell said with a chuckle. “If they think it’s bad now, wait ‘til next year.”

Emboldened by Democrats’ decision to scrap an omnibus funding bill and extend the Bush-era tax cuts for two years, McConnell is ready to deploy his larger Republican minority next year, insisting that Democratic leaders will need to bend to his party’s will – particularly on spending issues.

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