If I were a completely cynical political type, I’d say to hell with the merits of the “tax deal,” because we just found the best reason to vote No. 

As reported by The Hill (h/t HotAir), Obama tells lawmakers not passing tax deal could end presidency, Dem says:

In urging lawmakers to vote for his tax deal, President Obama is using one of his go-to lines from the healthcare debate, according to a Democratic lawmaker.

Obama is telling members of Congress that failure to pass the tax-cut legislation could result in the end of his presidency, Rep. Peter DeFazio (Ore.) said.

“The White House is putting on tremendous pressure, making phone calls, the president is making phone calls saying this is the end of his presidency if he doesn’t get this bad deal,” he told CNN’s Eliot Spitzer.

The White House is denying that Obama made such statements.  Who you gonna believe?

Would it be the end of the Obama presidency if the tax deal didn’t pass?  Is that reason enough to scuttle the deal?  Am I asking questions to which I already know the answer?  Am I using a series of questions in this post to avoid having to take a position myself on the issue?  Are you still reading?

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