Well, news of the census has been released and Politico has the reapportionment rundown: gains were made in the Sun Belt and neighboring areas (Arizona, Utah, & Nevada all +1), the south was represented (Florida +2, GA & SC +1) Washington earned one more, and Texas was the big winner earning four seats! Losses were made in the Rust Belt and neighboring states like Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, & Ohio (which lost two). Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Missouri, Massachusetts, and Louisiana all lost one seat, while New York was the big loser with two.

The U.S. population grew 9.7 percent in the last decade – the slowest rate since the Great Depression – and now stands at 308,745,538. Texas grew 20.6 percent, to 25,145,561 as of April 1 – adding 4,293,741 over 10 years.” Let’s hope the migration from blue states doesn’t taint the locales with new seats…


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