A traditional method of sending a powerful message to those who seek to harm you is to use their own weapons against them.

The Israelis did this to great effect during the 1982 invasion of Lebanon, in which the Israelis captured an almost unimaginable quantity of Soviet weapons supplied to the PLO and other Palestinian groups.  Those captured weapons (particularly rocket launchers) were then used against the PLO in the seige of Beirut, and after the war recycled into efforts against the Soviets and their sponsored terrorists groups and governments.

Using weapons supplied by your enemy makes it harder assign public blame (since you would have to admit supplying the weapons in the first place).  But more important, it lets your enemy know that what goes around comes around.

Two senior Iranian nuclear scientists recently were attacked in Tehran by bombs attached by passing motorcyclists to their cars.  One of the scientists (who reportedly headed Iran’s anti-stuxnet efforts) was killed, and the other seriously wounded.

Now, as reported by DEBKAFile, it turns out the “sticky bombs” were recycled from weapons provided by Iran to al-Qaeda in Iraq:

The sticky bombs used by the assassins were of Iranian manufacture. Al Qods Brigades arms designers had developed them for Al Qaeda’s use in its terrorist attacks in Iraq. Bomb fragments found in the two cars led investigators to the discovery that the bombs Al Qods had smuggled into Iraq had been shipped back to Tehran in a clandestine “boomerang” operation set up by the party which orchestrated the attacks on the scientists.

Another of those “too good not to be true” moments.

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