I take offense to MoDo‘s PDS hyperbole:

Sarah’s view of America is primitive. You’re either a pointy-headed graduate of Harvard Law School or you’re eviscerating animals for fun, which she presents as somehow more authentic.

I’m the former, but not the latter, yet.  But the two absolutely are not mutually exclusive.

Hell, if Mike Dukakis (HLS ’60) can drive a tank, I can gut a caribou. 

I’ve just never had the chance.  But I could.  And would.  Really.  Don’t dare me.  I’m warning you, I’ll do it.

Update:  This is why we elites shouldn’t let Syracuse U. grads like Hollywood producer Aaron Sorkin write columns like this:

“You’re right, Sarah, we’ll all just go fuck ourselves now.”

Such language, I assure you, never was heard in the hallowed halls of my alma mater.  We would not stand for such incivility.  If I didn’t know better, I’d say Sorkin was quite unwashed and probably a hunter.

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