I have posted previously about the plight of the Jews of Malmö, Sweden, who have been under siege by the Islamist-Leftist Anti-Israel Coalition, what I called Malmö Syndrome.

Islamists across Europe have used anti-Israel agitation to justify acts of anti-Semitic violence, and anti-Israel leftists have either encouraged or excused such violence, as in Malmö.  In a prior post, Not Just Malmö, I also noted  the shared extremism of neo-Nazis and migrant Muslim youth in Germany fueled by anti-Israel rhetoric.

Now the Swedish tolerance of Islamist violence is coming around to haunt Sweden, as the Islamists have turned their attacks against Sweden itself, using publication of cartoons of Mohammed as the all-purpose excuse.  As reported by The New York Times (emphasis mine):

One man was killed and two other people were injured when two explosions hit the heart of Stockholm’s city-center shopping district on Saturday evening, the police in the Swedish capital said. The country’s foreign minister called the blasts a terrorist attack, and an e-mail to news organizations minutes before the blasts seemed to link them to anger over anti-Islamic cartoons and the war in Afghanistan….

The Stockholm blasts seemed certain to cause widespread shock in Sweden. The country has long prided itself on having created a stable and peaceful society at home, and on having avoided involvement in the upheavals that have ravaged much of the rest of Europe in modern times, including World War II.

It has previously escaped the types of bombings mounted elsewhere in Europe since the 9/11 attacks in the United States.

The highlighted sentence is not quite accurate.  The “stable and peaceful society at home” was not true for the Jews of Malmö and elsewhere in Sweden, as reported by the European Jewish Congress earlier this month:

Also on Monday, Moshe Kantor, President of the European Jewish Congress, will be meeting separately with President Herman Van Rompuy and EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, to discuss other issues of concern, including anti-Semitism and Iran.

He will relate to the EU leaders the unease of the European Jewish community regarding the rapidly deteriorating situation of Jews in parts of Europe.

“It is becoming increasingly impossible to sustain certain Jewish communities, such as Malmo, due to increased threats and violence against the Jewish communities,” the EJC said.

Islamist agitation against Jews and Israel inevitably spreads to agitation against Western civilization in general (video via Jawa Report):


Make no mistake about it, the Islamists do not operate in a vacuum; they operate with the connivance or at least tolerance of the anti-Israel left.  Anti-Semitic violence is enabled by anti-Israel rhetoric from the left, as Bernard-Henri Lévy wrote recently at The Huffington Post, The Antisemitism to Come:

Is there no end to the demonization of Israel?…

And what a pity, finally, to see what has happened in Sweden, next door, where twenty fascist-leaning deputies are currently sitting in the national parliament, and where a growing fringe of the left interprets the ideals of tolerance as an authorization to voice their reprobation for the very existence of a State of Jewish majority in the Middle East. And what a pity that the city of Malmö, the country’s third largest, is run by a mayor whose claim to fame is that of having declared war–so he trumpets–on both antisemitism and on Zionism. Adventures in progressive dialectic. Grimaces from what was once the very face of social democracy in Europe. It is frightening.
And we are there.

We see this Islamist-Leftist Anti-Israel Coalition at work in the useful idiots who supported the Gaza flotilla last summer, and people who use slurs like “Israel-firster” to demonize supporters of Israel by playing upon ages-old stereotypes of Jewish influence and disloyalty. 

Non-Jewish Swedes sat by as Jews were attacked in Malmö by Islamists egged on by anti-Israel leftists.  Now Sweden itself is under attack, because Sweden did not learn the lessons of history.

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