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Your Brain On TSA

Your Brain On TSA

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Their brains at TSA:


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A recent national survey found that the fastest growing segment of the frequent flyer market is perverts.

Walk through the scanners and be done with it already. It's no big deal. Really.

Question: What is in it for the MSM to be making such a big deal out of this just before the Holiday?

Oh… yeah… they need viewers. And they can't possibly think we'd like them to report on Rangel or Ghailani…

Instead what we are really worried about is.. "who is touching my junk???"

Yeah. Right.

Remind me, how many terrorists has TSA stopped?

First Amendment. Fourth Amendment. The US Constitution.

That's why this matters.

Does it distract from "real reporting"? Probably, if the MSM ever did any, I'd like to know when.

I quote a friend from NY, "It's an f-in' police state!" And he didn't just mean NY. Where is liberty when EVERYONE must be subjected to this?

my current policy is I'm driving everywhere I need to go that is within a 5 hour radius while this TSA policy is in place.

I'm telling all of the airlines that fly out of my local airport too.

well stray yellar dawg from DNC headquarters: it is important because what they are doing is sexual molestation.

Also, there is radiation in those machines, and that means that the radiation will affect certain people.

Already I have seen complaints about TSA pushing people through the machines and then giving them feel-ups… which is ridiculous. One man had a colostomy scar and what they did could cause all kinds of damage.

Then there is the matter of feeling up little children and having Muslimas feeling up nuns… and you say it is no big deal?


good question. There has not been one single attempt in the USA since 9/11.

All attempts have been initiated in overseas locations e.g. Richard Reid initiated his journey in the U.K. the undie bomber initiated his trip in Amsterdam.

If only the TSA and authorities were using those no-fly lists and used proper profiling methods… like investigating further people who have recently been to Pakistan or Yemen or Somalia being examples…..and leave everyone else alone.

Nuns are not going to blow up an aircraft, and neither are three year old girls or boys.

Best term I've seen re: this: 'gate rape'.

Since Bumper Stickers are free speech…

How About Back Scatter reflective Tummy Stickers?

Messages to the TSA… hahaha

"Don't Touch My Junk!"