We all know how analogies to Nazis have gone over-the-top this political season.

But sometimes Godwin’s law just isn’t good enough.  What we need is a Hutu analogy. 

The Hutus, you will recall, massacred hundreds of thousands of members of the Tutsi tribe in Rwanda in 1994, often in the most brutal ways, with machetes and other face-to-face brutality.

According to Digby at the popular left-wing Hullabaloo blog, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and the rest of the right-wing noise machine are setting the stage for another Rwandan-style massacre of American liberals,  Being A Tutsi:

Right wing radio is hate radio. And Glenn Beck is fucking lunatic. And they reach many millions of people every day. Will any of those people act? Well, they already have on an individual basis. But this daily ranting about the evil of liberalism and the inhumanity of liberals seems to finally be reaching some sort of critical mass in which those on the right who hear nothing but this sort of raving all day long have come to believe that liberals — not liberalism — must be eliminated. I realize that we won’t have teabaggers running across the countryside lopping off people’s hands with machetes. But the sentiment that drives people like Beck and Limbaugh isn’t all that different, even though the worst we’ve seen are spit spewing screamers at Townhalls and a few cases of head stomping and false arrest. So far. This cannot end well.

Bill Sparkman and all the other victims of right-wing and Tea Party violence must be turning over in their graves.

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