Spotted by a reader in Raleigh, NC, last week:

Update:  CAT FIGHT –  A reader writes:

“I thought I’d refudiate that awful bumper sticker you currently have on your blog. Below is a picture of our beloved cat whose full name was George W. Bush Leader of the Free World. I insisted his complete name be recorded at our vet’s office in Marietta, GA. Interestingly, we adopted him in the summer of 2000 and my vet told me then that our George was the fourth or fifth cat/patient with a variation of the same name. We lost GWB two years ago on the Fourth of July, 2007. The photo below is my favorite picture of him, capturing his blasé yet totally in-control personality. He weighed 15 pounds had big bright green eyes and a very sexy swagger, plus those terribly cute pink toes.”

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