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We Interrupt This Election For Anti-Israel Lunacy

We Interrupt This Election For Anti-Israel Lunacy

Sorry to interrupt everyone’s preparation for the Mother-of-All Elections tomorrow, but I wish to remind you that as you are preparing to vote, the anti-Israel left continues its jihad.

As reported by CAMERA, Anti-Israel Agitators Target Leading Music Journal:

A guest Op-Ed titled “One American’s Response to the Israel-Palestine Conflict,” appearing in the September-October 2010 edition of the Juilliard Journal, the publication of the famed music school of the same name, leveled a number of serious accusations against the Jewish state. According to its editors, the column generated “so many letters to the editor, e-mails, and on-line comments that we simply do not have space to print them all in their entirety.” Curiously, of the seven letters the editors chose to publish which offered praise for the article, four were from recognizable anti-Israel activists. The identities of these four individuals are worth scrutiny for what they reveal.

Three of the anti-Israel activists, Anna Baltzer, Norman Finkelstein and Firoze Sidhwa had no apparent connection to Juilliard or its music community. However, they do have links with each other through various extremist groups, and they also have a link to the author of the piece, Benjamin Laude.

You may now return to your preparations.

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The website seems to have scrubbed the article. How typical.