The person who blogs for TSA to help explain supposed public misconceptions about various screening incidents, goes by the name “Blogger Bob.”

Don’t worry, Blogger Bob tells, us, all is well.  Nothing to see here, move along.  Here is Blogger Bob’s explanation for the video of the incident in which a young boy was search so extensively that his father, in obvious frustration, pulled his son’s shirt off to speed the body search:

On November 19, a family was traveling through a TSA checkpoint at the Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC). Their son alarmed the walk through metal detector and needed to undergo secondary screening. The boy’s father removed his son’s shirt in an effort to expedite the screening. After our TSO completed the screening, he helped the boy put his shirt back on. That’s it. No complaints were filed and the father was standing by his son for the entire procedure.

Here is the video, which shows the extensive pat down of the child as bystanders, who were witnessing the whole thing, reacted in disgust:


The TSA obviously has no sense of historical irony that accompanies that title “Blogger Bob”:


Verum Serum has more on why all is not well with Blogger Bob’s explanation.

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