Some thoughts, and inviting reader comments, on a variety of topics today (a running list):

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers.  Which is an interesting point, because some of my readers are trolls and nutroot lurkers.  I even wish them a Happy Thanksgiving, because I’m that big a person.
  2. The job is not done, and don’t you forget it, you bitter clingers.  One more term, one more term, one more term:  “It’s Important He Finish What He Started.”  (h/t HotAir)
  3. But, the good news is, you are allowed to eat pie, just not cake.  In 2012 we need to make them eat humble pie.
  4. They’re protesting a possible pardon for a Christian woman in Pakistan sentenced to death for blasphemy against Islam.  Worldwide outrage to follow.  Call the U.N. Human Rights Council.  SPLC to add a new person to the hate group list (the woman, not the people killing her).
  5. Hezbollah – so if we killed Rafik Harriri, no biggie, let’s not destroy Lebanon over it.
  6. Can you believe it, that fool thinks Europe is a country, they speak Austrian in Austria, and we have 57 states.  That’s what happens when you don’t get a proper education.  And that person wants to be President, hah!  Such an ignoramus would ruin our economy, destroy our standing in the world, and get government agents to touch our junk.  We cannot let that happen.  Get Oliver Willis on the case, he’ll stop this person cold.
  7. Everything you eat has been snuffed.  That includes vegetables – they have rights too, they just don’t have lawyer, yet.
  8. Remember, you can order Sarah Palin postage stamps.
  9. Your “too good not to be true Stuxnet news of the day”:  Stuxnet messed with Iran’s air defense drill causing Iranian fighter planes to chase intruders which didn’t exist.
  10. Israel still helping in Haiti, while most of the Israel-hating U.N. member nations have moved on.

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