In the Spring of 2009 I received a message from an angry Obama supporter who was upset that I continued to blog against the Obama agenda:

Mr. Jacobson,

You wrote: “While the mainstream media and left-wing blogs constantly tell us that Republicans and conservatives are dead politically, I don’t think they actually believe what they are saying.”

Actually, some of us remember 1993-94. We assumed you were “dead” then too. We learned a lesson there. Respond. And respond quickly, no matter how absurd or seemingly petty the attacks from conservatives.

This time, Mr. Jacobson, we know you’re down and we’re going to keep you there. We intend to step on your throat.

That’s why you’re seeing this reaction. You can’t get away with your garbage any longer.

Get used to it.

I could identify the person (he owns a fairly major business and probably caters to a lot of us wingnuts) but it’s not (yet) necessary, because it was the message not the person which was important.

Tomorrow is my revenge, and if you are watching, I hope you enjoy it.  And given the weather predictions, it will be served cold.

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