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Legal Insurrection Is Solo No More – Meet Kathleen McCaffrey

Legal Insurrection Is Solo No More – Meet Kathleen McCaffrey

As I’ve discussed with readers many times in the past, I frequently think about the direction in which to take this blog.  For the most part reader feedback has been “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” and I’ve taken that feedback to heart.

No flashing lights here.  Still just wandering around in the dark.

But, that said, it has been hard to keep up with events and issues to the extent I would like.  I’m physically exhausted from these mid-term elections!

And since the next two years are going to be “hand-to-hand combat” according to at least one informed source, I’ve had to think through my ability to handle it all alone.  The choice seemed to be pull back, or get help.  Pulling back is not an option.

One of the things I have stayed away from in the past is having guest or co-bloggers. This is not a “group” blog.  It’s all about me, just like what’s his name.

There is a certain pride in being one of the few remaining solo bloggers with a large following, which gets reflected not so much in traffic but in the number of blogs which link here.  (Averaging about 150 separate websites which link to LI each month, per Wikio, not counting blogrolls.)

If I were to bring someone on board, it would have to be someone who was consistent with my political outlook but at the same time brought a different focus, dynamic, and readership profile.  I also needed someone I trusted not to embarrass me (because only I am allowed to embarrass myself).

And I think I have found the first of such persons, Kathleen McCaffrey.  (Image right with Václav Klaus during his visit to Cornell.)

Kathleen McCaffrey Václav Klaus

Kathleen, who is a Junior at Cornell, already has carved out quite a name for herself in the political blogosphere.  Kathleen is the co-founder of The Politicizer and also R&M; Political Group, which does social media consulting.

Kathleen is a self-described “Libertarian Republican.” Here is her current bio from The Politicizer:

Kathleen, the co-founder of The Politicizer, has been interested in politics since the age of five. Throughout high school and college she has served on a variety of debate and political clubs. Her favorite books include ‘Capitalism and Freedom,’ ‘The Road to Serfdom,’ ‘Letters to a Young Contrarian,’ ‘The End of Faith,’ ‘The Master and Margarita,’ and Corpus Aristotelicum. Her favorite publications are The Economist and Vanity Fair.

Kathleen is double-majoring in philosophy and history at Cornell University. Previously, she studied at New York University, where she also played for the varsity women’s golf team. She contributes to The Cornell Review, participates in Logos – the undergraduate philosophy journal, and serves in the Cornell Libertarian Club. In the fall of 2009, she studied in Berlin, Germany at Humboldt University. In April [2010], she was awarded the IHS Charles G. Koch Summer Fellowship, a nationally-recognized program for young libertarian leaders.

And to prove that she may have the appropriate level of snark for this blog, she asked me to supplement this bio with this observation:

For the first time in my adult life, I am actually quite proud to say that my home address is in Chris Christie country.

I hope that Kathleen will help bring a youthful conservative/libertarian perspective and readership to the blog.  So please be kind in your comments!

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Good going. I look forward to even more wonderful content with two of you.

Shoot! I remain a lone gunfighter, Jacobson!

Either way, good for you.

I'd like more details about her affinity for Vanity Fair, but overall, looks like a good candidate. =]

Hooray for young libertarian Republicans! I am excited.

Welcome Kathleen and keep up the good work, Prof. Jacobson.

"Pulling back is not an option."

Glad to hear that Professor. We have a lot of work to do over the next two years.

A warm welcome to your co-host ;-). I'm thinking your choice of a young woman isn't intended to put a Regis / Kelly spin on the commentary ;-).


Honestly, solo blogging is great, but team blogging is so much easier, less stressful, and fun as well. You won't be sorry.

Welcome Kathleen! I didn't know that anyone could survive a single major let alone two at Cornell. So either Kathleen is impressive or Cornell's standards are dropping. Either way I look forward to more great content here at Legal Insurrection.

Welcome aboard! LI is already a must stop in the Blogosphere and will no doubt only get better!! Looking forward to future posts…

Keep up the GREAT work!!

Common Cents

Congrats on getting hitched, so to speak. Since we get to refer to you as Professor or Prof or Perfesser….how would Kathleen like to be referred to by followers? I'm proposing la Studentessa

Welcome aboard Kathleen, we need more "Libertarian Republicans".

Wow! Master and Margarita! The Road to Serfdom! If she adds "Constitution of Liberty" and "The notes of a suicide man" (translated in English as "Black Snow" – she would be the best of the best.

Let's also not forget "Atlas Shrugged" and "Vision of the annointed".

congrats to kathleen.

Professor, congrats for being this smart. 🙂 You have increased the beauty of this blog by 100%.

(i kid, obviously)

Btw, in other news, i think i have a card for your saturday night card game feature…

Welcome Kathleen! 🙂

Welcome Kathleen! (Don't believe any of the crazy stories the professor tells you about us commenters. He lies.)

Welcome Kathleen. Just remember, they can borrow you, but we need you back home soon

I have grown used to the professor's good writing style, and excellent selection of links, which update frequently. Good luck with this new girl.

Wonderful choice. I'm impressed.

Seems like a good idea, but can you add something so that each post will identify the person who posted it?

Welcome! Glad to have you aboard.

But to echo Jeff D, could you add an identifier so we know who to we're sounding off to?

And are you sure about Vanity Fair?

Oh sorry, I wasn't clear. Could you identify the author at the beginning of the post? And perhaps in a font that is just a teensy bit larger for us visually-challenged folk? Just a suggestion.

@jeannebodine – I don't think there's any way to put the author at the top of the post, Blogger does it at the end. Also, as to font size, I understand the problem, and I'm looing into that. But for now, the easiest way is for you to increase the magnification on your browser from 100% to 125% (if you have IE, it's in the lower right corner).

Hey all,
Thanks for the lovely comments. I understand that my subscription to Vanity Fair is hardly defensible, but I have to cite their culture section as my vice. For instance, the December issue has this interesting number: I also think most of their profiles are fantastic. (And their ads!) I only read the "Politics" section when I need to present examples of condescension.

Once again, Prof, you show what damn fine judgement you have.

But, hey, that's why I keep coming back for more helpings of some Legal Insurrection.

Best wishes to Miss McCaffrey.