Politico is reporting on the gender gap that has emerged in the GOP. Nobody can doubt that ladies like Michele Bachmann have contributed to GOP success in 2010, but are any of them really suited to be Speaker of the House? Nancy Pelosi was certainly clever enough to get her work done, but that’s another story – I suppose.

Personally, I don’t think Republican ladies are underrepresented in proportion to their talent. It goes without saying that the number of women in Congress are underrepresented when compared with the population in the workforce or college. Women contribute to only 10% of the Republican Conference. However, I am looking forward to Nan Hayworth asserting some political clout in the House. Maybe she will be the next Madame Speaker, or at least serve as good inspiration.

Also in Politico today, Alvin Greene looks to be an adversary of Barack Obama (assuming DeMint stops that darn recession he started).


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