Look, no one recognizes the need to keep spirits high as much as I do.  But at least keep it real, or if not real, at least of this world, or if not of this world, at least of this universe.

The award for turning catastrophic defeat into victory in one’s own mind goes to a blogger at Firedoglake, who extended her thanks to the Tea Party movement for permitting the election of a Democrat as governor in Minnesota, and keeping the U.S. Senate blue, Come Saturday Morning: Thanks, Teabaggers!:

… we lost control of our legislature to the GOP (after only having had both houses for four years), and one of our best US congressmembers, Jim Oberstar.
But we didn’t lose our state constitutional officers, our key judges, and — most importantly — the governor’s race….

The same scenario has played itself out across the country. Races that were locks for the Republicans before the primaries suddenly became ones in which Democrats had at least fighting chances once teabaggers won those primaries. Nevada’s Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, was expected to lose by double-digit margins to any of his establishment Republican foes, but instead he faced Sharron Angle of the Tea Party wing, and managed to use his excellent ground game to put together a solid win. Conversely, Delaware Republican Senator Mike Castle, who was a lock to win in the general election, lost his primary to the notoriously batty Christine O’Donnell, allowing Democratic candidate Chris Coons to cruise to an easy victory.

The teabagger failure at the ballot box is so profound that I had to laugh when Michele Bachmann tried to brandish them at John Boehner in an effort to shake him down for a leadership role in the new Republican-controlled House. It’s why the word of the Tea Party wing’s election losses has been spread far and wide by establishment Republican types as a way of undercutting teabagger leverage, real or imagined.

Wait a second.  She sounds just like David Frum and the other lost-in-the wilderness Republicans who are complaining about being rescued by the Tea Party movement.

New post title:  “Establishment Republicans Declare Defeat in WWII, Victory In 2008, and Defeat in Mid-Terms.

Update:  Doug Ross on How The NRSC Cost The GOP 5 Seats, which shows that the math works both ways.

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