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“I Litter and I Vote”

“I Litter and I Vote”

Taken by reader Ben earlier this month in a Schnucks’ parking lot in south St. Louis.

I like Bobby Jindal, and a couple of years ago I thought this bumper sticker made sense.  Jindal has increased his national profile, but I’m not seeing a run for President in the offing, or particularly viable. 

Unless, of course, the plan is, well, never mind.  You know what I was going to say. 

The cigarette butt on the ground is a nice touch.  How about this for a bumper sticker –

“I Litter and I Vote”

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You're a lawyer. What's your evidence that the owner of the car and the smoker are one and the same person? Did you see him drop the butt and ground it out? Unless you can provide evidence linking the two events—the bumper-sticker and the cigarette butt—you should retract your bumper-sticker.

@Juba – do you have any proof that it is NOT? Until you can prove a negative, I'll stand by my proposed bumper sticker.

I like Jindal too, but I want him to complete his term as governor, first. If only because Louisiana needs him so badly.

So you argue for the circumstantial juxtaposition of two unrelated factors to claim legitimacy for your bumper-sticker? That, sir, is not American law; based on that, I doubt that you can obtain a warrant to get the driver's DNA to verify that he is the smoker so that your bumper-sticker will have some subtance. Furthermore, this is not France, sir, I don't have to prove a negative; you have to prove the affirmative.

Let Jindal finish what he started in La. He still has to run again in 2011 for governor and will win hands down.

Fix La. and you can fix anything.

another reason we need clarification on the "natural born citizen" meaning behind the Constitutional eligibility requirement meaning … and this time, with a few states considering requirements about proving eligibility, this may present a problem