And I’m sure he hates it too.

I agree with John Cole of Balloon-Juice about the Willow Palin Facebook brush fire, Count Me Out:

Yes, Willow Palin said something stupid on her facebook page. Big deal. She’s sixteen, and most of the time when a sixteen year old opens his or her mouth, something stupid will fall out. Often times, they say things and don’t even really think about what they are saying. So spare me if I refuse to get all worked up about what she wrote. There is a reason we call sixteen year olds “minors” and don’t let them vote, drink, etc.

And seriously. We’re trolling the facebook pages of teenagers looking for political advantage? Knock it off. Willow Palin isn’t the only one who needs to grow up.

And I will agree also when one of the Obama kids says or does something stupid online, or in a text message, or in a phone call one of their “friends” records.

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