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I Am Just A Member Of The Tribe

I Am Just A Member Of The Tribe

In response to my post calling out leftist Jewish bloggers for stoking charges of dual loyalty againt American Jewish supporters of Israel, M.J. Rosenberg of Media Matters (one of the bloggers mentioned in my post) tweets that I’m just a tribalist:


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I think you mean "Rosenberg", not "Rosenthal".

I've mentioned in the past that I'm a former democrat, and I used to read TPM & TPMCafe, where Mr. Rosenberg has a column. I remember his support for Israel being eroded by the left wing attack squad, and after not reading the site for a time, coming back to read a column of his, that illustrated his betrayal of ethics and intellectual honesty. His embrace of what is a genocidal ideology was and remains repugnant. I know that TPM has lost readership because of the more extremist views of the left becoming more apparent, and the hateful attacks on reasonable people.

Mr. Rosenberg is an example of a lefty who most likely never really cared about the issues, or never had any allegiance to the underlying principles that should be the foundation of any kind of standing on such things.

Tribalist, huh. KYOOT!! I wonder what that makes me? I'm a 'country boy' (read redneck) conservative that absolutely believes that America should support Israel.

Gotta love those racist stereotypes that the left applies to everyone. If they didn't do it, you wouldn't know that they were "progressive" thinkers. (that is only if you believe progress means going back to segregation and Jim Crow laws.

I'd rather be associated with the Jewish tribe myself than the tribe of lefty political kapos.

Ah. The old MOT canard.

How then to explain my unwavering support for Israel, what with me being an evangelical Christian?

@JohnJ – yes, thanks for the catch, fixed.

Professor, tweet this guy back and ask if his comment was approved by his Master Soros.

First off: I was a bit cranky and nasty yesterday in my posts. It was a long day and I was in a bad mood, so I apologize for that.

Anyway, don't even give people like that a second thought. Notice he had nothing of substance to say and didn't even bother to make a specific argument. That's because he can't. Liberals can't make arguments based on reason because they have little of both, so they resort to personal attacks.

And I guess calling those of the Jewish faith "the tribe" isn't just for the KKK anymore.

I understand that the ability for self-criticism can be admirable. But when it becomes an obssessive trait (like my hand washing) as manifested by leftists in their blame-America-first thinking, and, in this case, leftist American Jews in their blame-American-Jews-who-support-Israel-of-dual-loyalty distrust-mongering, it is simply stuck-on-adolescent-stupid vanity masquerading as nobility.

It almost becomes some weird form of Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy, the psychological disorder where a parent intentionally inflicts harm on her child in order to then heroically "save" the child. Problem is the child usually ends up injured if not dead.

Well, if these lefties have deluded themselves into believing they are possessed of nobility, I think they need to be forced to sit and read the writings of known fascists and nazis from back in the day, like themselves and be forced to ocnfront the parallels between themselves and said monsters. They're absolutely despicable.

And Rosenberg views the world through the blinders of… the Canaanites?

Are these guys anti-Jewish and anti-Israel because they think the Muslims will embrace them? Newsflash! Grand mufti Hussein (Arafat's uncle) begged Himmler 'Faster, please! Also, let me help!' He didn't care if the ones he wanted to slaughter were Zionist or not. As long as they could answer the question the same way Daniel Pearl did, that was enough.