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Good Bear, Bad Bear

Good Bear, Bad Bear

Good Bear:

Bad Bear:

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Well, at least we know that Bear #1 is at least as strong as Bear #2.

Sarah is no dummy.

Mama Grizzlies vs. the Russian Bear. Americans vs. Putin et. al. I'll take the Mama Grizzlies in a heartbeat! 😀

Putin needs watching. Thanks for the reminder that we need to have Peace through Strength and be Prepared for Peace. More Mama Grizzlies, please, for 2012!!

I put Palin on my list of potential Presidents in September 2007 (two-zero-zero-seven).

I took her off when she resigned as governor.

Urk. I'm sorry, especially considering how much I agree with the ideas Sarah's commercial, but it wasn't nearly as good as the first ad.

The difference? Simplicity & symbolism. In fact, the Reagan ad was rather understated, which to my mind gave it greater weight. The message was both simple, and pure.

The latter ad put me more in mind of a bad Coca-Cola ad, with no symbolism at all.

…And here's a question for y'all: would you rather side with Russia against China, or vice versa? Food for thought.