Frank Rich asks the question “Who Will Stand Up To The Superrich?”

Rich never answers the question, he just complains (mostly about Republicans who self-fund campaigns, and Republican corporate interests, etc.)

But Rich knows the answer.  And there isn’t a Democrat in sight.  The One who might have been the answer to that question turned out to be happy to play crony capitalism as needed to advance his agenda.

There really is only one politician who is not beholden to wealthy corporate interests, who could raise a gazillion dollars from small donors without having to turn off credit card security features meant to prevent foreign donations, and who has a vision of our economic system which does not reward the well-connected or corporate interests.

Rich knows the answer.  He just can’t bring himself to say it.

The two words would force Rich to question almost every nasty rant he has written in the last 27 months, and every assumption he has made about conservatism. 

And then Rich would have to put up or shut up.  Does Rich really truly want someone who will stand up to the superrich, or only someone who will stand up to the Republican superrich?

Say it Frank. 

And once you do, cancel all your cocktail party acceptances, before they rescind the invitations. 

And get a pillow for MoDo, so she doesn’t hit her head on the floor when she faints.

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