Welcome to our Live Event, which will run all day and night until results come in from the West Coast.

As results and local stories roll in, feel free to post the information.  The benefit of this feed is that by tonight we will be an army of hundreds of readers from around the country reporting in real time, far better than you will see on any television station or static blog page.

And if it is good news, we can celebrate together!

Log-In Update:  Log-in required again, otherwise I have to moderate each comment which will cause substantial delay.  You can use your OpenID (Google, Blogger, Yahoo, AOL, etc.), Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace usernames.  You also can leave more permanent comments in the usual Blogger comment section.

Special thanks to the following panelists who are helping out today:  Pat Austin of And So It Goes In Shreveport, Fuzzy Slippers of Fuzzy Logic, Sam Foster of Left Coast Rebel, Jesse Hathaway of Right Turns Only, Aaron Worthing of Allergic to Bullsh-t, Anne Leary of Backyard Conservative, and Twitterers Jennifer (of Cubachi), Sissy Willis (of Sisu), Kimberly Morin (of Examiner Boston), and Raging Red.

And of course, to the cast of thousands of you who can help us keeping track of events around the country.

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