Well, that was quick. 

Keith Olbermann will return to MSNBC primetime tomorrow night, after a long weekend off the air, most of which time he would have been off the air regardless.

If Olbermann’s violation of MSNBC’s rules or policies was significant enough to warrant an indefinite suspension without pay, one would think it were significant enough to warrant more than a long weekend.

MSNBC lied us into believing Olbermann was gone.

Everyone will be watching MSNBC tomorrow night, for the first time in years (publicity stunt much?).  As much as I despise Olbermann, I hope he resurrects his “Worst Person in the World” award, which he suspended recently.

And I would have to give Olbermann kudos if he had the cojones to name his boss the Worst Person in The World.

Because the person who lied us into celebrating the demise of Keith Olbermann deserves public ridicule.  And what better poetic justice than to have Olbermann deliver the verdict.

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