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Do It Keith – Name Your Boss “The Worst Person In The World”

Do It Keith – Name Your Boss “The Worst Person In The World”

Well, that was quick. 

Keith Olbermann will return to MSNBC primetime tomorrow night, after a long weekend off the air, most of which time he would have been off the air regardless.

If Olbermann’s violation of MSNBC’s rules or policies was significant enough to warrant an indefinite suspension without pay, one would think it were significant enough to warrant more than a long weekend.

MSNBC lied us into believing Olbermann was gone.

Everyone will be watching MSNBC tomorrow night, for the first time in years (publicity stunt much?).  As much as I despise Olbermann, I hope he resurrects his “Worst Person in the World” award, which he suspended recently.

And I would have to give Olbermann kudos if he had the cojones to name his boss the Worst Person in The World.

Because the person who lied us into celebrating the demise of Keith Olbermann deserves public ridicule.  And what better poetic justice than to have Olbermann deliver the verdict.

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After I saw Rachel Maddow's "Bring Back Ogremann!" segment on Friday, in which she spent nearly the entire segment bashing Fox rather than defending Edward R. Ogremann, I was even more confident in the prediction I made earlier on this blog on Friday that the whole "indefinite suspension" thing was a stunt that would miraculously be resolved over the weekend.

BTW, Hot Air links to a Johnny Dollar post that is a devastating takedown of Maddow's Fox bashing segment Friday. The whole post is worth reading, but the video at the bottom clearly demonstrates what a fantasy world she and the other MSNBC "talent" live in:

You are making an assumption that Phil Griffin minds being called WPOTW. If this was a publicity stunt, why not include Keef making this statement? Be the fall guy to re-energize the nutroots and show the world that their "newsmen" aren't puppets of management? Unlike Fox News.

I doubt you will get your wish, Professor. Olbie will most likely be contrite, when he returns. I doubt he would publicly thumb his nose at his boss after getting his job back, if indeed he really ever lost it. It was just too good to be true that Olbermann was going to be off the air for the long haul.

I didn't think that Olbermann was fired, but I did think his suspension would be a more than a weekend.

But we all know he didn't do anything wrong. It's not as if he donated to Allen West or Marco Rubio's campaign now is it?

OberUberMadd back on the tube … Pelosi shooting for House minority leader … the planets are aligning perfectly for a 2012 eclipse.

A 2012 eclipse will come ONLY if the Republicans actively work for the repeal of healthcare and work on reducing the size of government.

If they do, and Obama and the Dem controlled senate work against them then 2012 will be, as you said, an eclipse. There would be an increase of Rep Congress seats and the Republicans just *might* get to 60 votes in the Senate.

This was a truly pathetic publicity stunt — to me, Tommy Christopher called it, spot on!

And who could doubt that KO was in on it right from the start?

Also, MaggotAtBroad&Wall;, above, posted to the hysterical Johnny Dollar takedown of Maddow for her speaking part in the scam.

His great line: "Enough about Milbank, we have smaller fish to fry."

The video itself is just devastating.

Still, I think we should all poke some fun at MSNBC and Olby.

In fact, I think the guy deserves a nickname for trying to pull this nonsense — perhaps something that relates to the "horrific" two-day suspension the poor, poor man had to endure!

How about, "Deuce?"

Much ado about nothing – that's MSNBC in a nutshell.