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Brilliant Election Day Thoughts

Brilliant Election Day Thoughts

This will be a running list of my thoughts this election day:

  • The Era of Big Legislation Is Over.  Whether it is a small wave, a tidal wave, or a Tsunami today, the age of Obama-ism is over.  Democrats may hang on to one House of Congress (or the unthinkable, both), but their agenda is over.  They now will seek to consolidate through regulation what they have implemented through legislation, but the era of big legislation is over.
  • Obama remains King.  And, let’s face it, we could be facing six more years.  It is hard to imagine, but he is one of the best politicians eva.  He plays people against each other better than anyone I have seen.  Despite his abysmal, embarrassing performance, he remains personally popular.  Don’t forget that.  Attacking his policies, his vision for the country, and his political ethos is more productive than attacking the man.
  • WaPo has a column, Companies may have to make amends after midterm elections about companies which supported the Dem agenda.  What about AARP, AMA, Consumers Union (Consumer Reports)?
  • A lot of people are talking about the “cell phone effect” which makes pollsters undercount Dem voters, but the polls were pretty accurate in 2008 when people were pretty cell phone dependent.  Not saying polls can’t be off for other reasons, but first tier professional pollsters presumably are aware of the cell phone issue and take it into account in their methodology.
  • Unrelated to election, tomorrow the Iranians will hang the woman convicted of adultery, since there was such an outcry against her planned stoning.
  • So much for the Dem talking point that Republicans are the party of big corporatins.  Harrah’s is putting the squeeze on employees to vote for Harry Reid.

To be continued….

Remember, Election Day LIVE is, well, LIVE.

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I don't believe Obama is a great politician. I believe the Media have gone completely into the tank for him and have covered even the smallest blemishes of this America-hating Marxist tyro.

Destroy the media and you destroy Obama politically. The media have helped us by pretty much destroying themselves. But we can hurry it along by
1) Not clicking on their websites (Time, NYT, Newsweek, WaPo, NPR, et al)
2) Not buying their publications
3) Not viewing their TV media
4) Telling certain Conservative sites to stop linking every single story they find at the NYT, WaPo, Time, etc., so that they stop driving traffic there.
5) Supporting your Conservative publications, TV and sites like this one.

"Attacking his policies, his vision for the country, and his political ethos is more productive than attacking the man."

This. I have no idea how he can remain so personally popular, but you're right, he is. And if this election is the blow out we hope, he's going to get more popular (Americans love an underdog).

And how sad is it that being able to pit Americans against each other is what makes a great politician?

Well, I'd quibble a bit. I think Clinton was a far better pol than is Obama, mostly because Clinton was far more likeable.

And, by the way, with Chris Matthews now saying that Obama is 'arrogant,' that popularity thing is going to crumble.

However, it's still his election to lose in '12.

What uncledan said!

We need to wean our friends from the ABC/CBS/NBC/NPR/Gannett/NYT "state sponsored media".

this president is different than the ones we have dealt with in my lifetime. this president comes after the USA has been hit, 9-11 by muslims. this president favors the muslims at a time when most americans distrust them, and for good reason.this president pits us against each other and declares one of our own states unlawful for protecting it's borders. this president seems to be at war with the american people, therefor most americans don't trust him. this president has rammed policies thru that are very dangerous for us as a nation and against the will of the people.

the american people are awake now, at least the ones that think clearly and they are afraid, as we should be. i don't think we will be fooled by this man again.

Who cares if he is still president? Once conservatives have control of both houses it will be a moot point. We have to get away from thinking the presidency is an all powerful position. It should just be a figurehead so to speak as congress (States) should have most of the power as they are direct representatives of the people. Focus on electing the right people to congress.

Yes Obama does play people against themselves well but that has been a disaster for him. Except maybe for labor unions he has insulted almost every single demographic.
Obama is overrated as today's election will show.

"Attacking his policies, his vision for the country, and his political ethos is more productive than attacking the man."

Impossible. They are inextricably linked…one and the same. And if Obama is so brilliant and personally popular, why did he have to fight tooth and nail to get ObamaCare passed when he had both sections of Congress? Why has his endorsement of candidates for the most part bombed? Who says he is personally popular? All the polls I have seen say otherwise. Six years? You're crazy.

"Despite his abysmal, embarrassing performance, he remains personally popular. Don't forget that."

The only problem is, its not true, its based on the flawed assumption that people are telling the truth when they tell pollsters they like him personally.

They probably tell them that because they are afraid if they say otherwise pollsters will assume they are racist.

I wonder how many respondents in these polls even offer the information. "Now, I like him as a person, really I do, but I just think he's wrong on the issues."

If Barak Obama is personally popular with the majority of Americans, lung cancer is the worlds most popular disease.