This will be a running list of my thoughts this election day:

  • The Era of Big Legislation Is Over.  Whether it is a small wave, a tidal wave, or a Tsunami today, the age of Obama-ism is over.  Democrats may hang on to one House of Congress (or the unthinkable, both), but their agenda is over.  They now will seek to consolidate through regulation what they have implemented through legislation, but the era of big legislation is over.
  • Obama remains King.  And, let’s face it, we could be facing six more years.  It is hard to imagine, but he is one of the best politicians eva.  He plays people against each other better than anyone I have seen.  Despite his abysmal, embarrassing performance, he remains personally popular.  Don’t forget that.  Attacking his policies, his vision for the country, and his political ethos is more productive than attacking the man.
  • WaPo has a column, Companies may have to make amends after midterm elections about companies which supported the Dem agenda.  What about AARP, AMA, Consumers Union (Consumer Reports)?
  • A lot of people are talking about the “cell phone effect” which makes pollsters undercount Dem voters, but the polls were pretty accurate in 2008 when people were pretty cell phone dependent.  Not saying polls can’t be off for other reasons, but first tier professional pollsters presumably are aware of the cell phone issue and take it into account in their methodology.
  • Unrelated to election, tomorrow the Iranians will hang the woman convicted of adultery, since there was such an outcry against her planned stoning.
  • So much for the Dem talking point that Republicans are the party of big corporatins.  Harrah’s is putting the squeeze on employees to vote for Harry Reid.

To be continued….

Remember, Election Day LIVE is, well, LIVE.

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