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Booming Market For Cars In Gaza

Booming Market For Cars In Gaza

It’s a good thing Israel eased the blockade of Gaza a few months ago, otherwise it might not have been able to take out Palestinian al-Qaeda operative Mohamed al-Nemnem, who died on November 3 when his car mysteriously exploded in Gaza, with him in it:

The Israeli military admitted Wednesday that it was behind a car bomb that had killed a senior militant in the Army of Islam group in the Gaza Strip earlier in the day.

Lieutenant Colonel Avital Leibovich told reporters that Mohamed al-Nemnem, 27, was involved in planning an attack against Israeli and United States targets in the Sinai peninsula in the near future.

Palestinians claim it was a missile fired from an Israeli drone.

According to DEBKAfile (which claims it was a U.S. missile which took out the car), the Israelis are suspected of planting tracking devices in vehicles allowed into Gaza after Israel eased its blockade:

Hamas security sources in Gaza now suspect that Israel had its own reasons for permitting new cars to be imported to the Gaza Strip for the first time in two years, knowing that they would be commandeered for the personal use of the chiefs of armed organizations, including Namnam. They believe Israel planted tracking devices in those vehicles.

The day after the explosion, Israel allowed in another 20 new cars, the ninth such batch in recent months. 

I guess there is a booming market for vehicles in Gaza.

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I love the Israelis! Simply brilliant! They build stuff that the world can use, and the out-strategize the morons who want to kill them. What's not to love about the Israelis? I'd love them even more if they got rid of the Arabs in the Knesset.

Next time a crazy "aid" flotilla heads off for Israel, I hope they'll make port in Santa Monica first. I'd like to give them a box of special cigars to present to the Palestinian terrorist leadership. They are a blast!

If nothing else, the new Israeli strategy is going to cut down on auto theft.