There is a lot which could be said about Joe Scarborough’s very personal and demeaning screed against Sarah Palin, but I’ll rest on this response:

“You are the Alan Colmes of MSNBC, and I mean no offense to Alan Colmes.”

On second thought, maybe I just insulted Alan Colmes.  Sorry.

Update: Must read.  The following was not written in reaction to Scarborough, but takes the Scarboroughs of the world apart, Is Sarah Palin Is Too Dumb To Be President?:

Whoever emerges as the winner of the 2012 GOP nomination is in reality in line to be Palinized. Painted as the next Republican too dumb to be president.

Is Sarah Palin dumb?

Of course not. What a dumb question. It’s also the wrong question. Who’s asking this question is a better question. And how dumb are they to be asking it? Or worse, dumber by simply asserting it as fact.

The only people who are dumb — really dumb — are those inside the Republican political-consultant complex who think that by nominating someone other than Governor Palin they will have a nominee capable of avoiding this particularly dumb fate.

The Republican nominee for president in 2012 is being prepared by the American liberal media to be presented as a woman — or man — who is too dumb to be president.

Prepared by the “American liberal media” to be presented as dumb?  But it’s Joe Scarborough, who has nothing to do with the American liberal media.

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