What a whack job.  What kind of idiot would use Grey Poupon to prove a point?  Are you suggesting that only fancy, foreign, John Kerryish types use it?  No real American would use that stuff, right Alan?

Sure, sure, you were just joking around to make a point, a little sarcasm here, a little parody there, with a smidgen of satire thrown in.

Yet, we are not amused.

And neither was MSNBC, which curiously didn’t broadcast your speech.  Hmmmm…..

You have a great future as a blogger, my friend.  Maybe some of those leftie blogs which loooove you will defend you, because they get the joke.

And no, you can’t take it back, because this is the internet.  And the internet never forgets.  That’s why it’s called the internet.

Watch the video starting at 3:20 (h/t JammieWearingFool), screenshot:

(Comments will be carefully moderated on this post.  Only comments which disagree with me, and think there was nothing wrong with Grayson’s jocularity and use of The Great Yellow Metaphor, will be allowed through.)

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