Need I say more to Barney Frank than Margery Egan says today in The Boston Herald:

After 30 years, Barney Frank finally lost my vote.

On election night, he lost my respect as well.

Frank’s road rage acceptance speech was an out-of-body experience.

There was the congressional king of anger, vituperation and vitriol lashing out at the Herald and Fox 25 for, in his words, “anger, vituperation . . . and vitriol.”

What, does he not own a mirror? Is he incapable of introspection? Has he never seen YouTube’s collection of his best TV hissy fits?

Barney seemed to have forgotten: He won. Big. And he was lucky he did.

The contrast between a nasty, bitter Frank and his grateful, graceful opponent, Sean Bielat, could not have been more stark.

Equally glaring is the double standard Frank enjoys. No female politician could last five minutes as such a condescending, abusive bully. Neither could a conservative. So he gets a special pass because why? Because he’s gay? Because he’s allegedly “whip-smart,” as supporters still say?

Alas, Mr. Whip Smart wasn’t smart enough to see the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae disaster that resulted in the cruelest foreclosure crisis since the Great Depression. And he’s not enough of a stand-up guy to fully admit his role….

Actually, there is one more thing I can say about the role of Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and other holier-than-thou smartest-in-the-room Democrats who caused the mortgage bubble which led to the economic crisis in 2008, and which continues to haunt the economy.

Repeat after me:

Congressional Subpoena


Update:  Charles Lane at The Washington Post claimed that Sean Bielat was a “sore loser” for not mentioning Frank by name and congratulating Frank in Bielat’s concession speech, to which Bielat has responded by accepting the criticism and stating that it was an oversight.  Lane also called Frank’s speech “rather ungracious, too: self-absorbed, rambling, filled with gibes at Bielat and self-pitying complaints about the Boston Herald’s pro-Bielat coverage.”  So far as I can tell, no contrition by Frank, unexpectedly.

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