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While I Was Away

While I Was Away

Was traveling all day, and of course, stuff happened:

  • Sneaky little Scott Ashjian, or whatever his name is, proved that he is a sneak by secretly taping a conversation with Sharron Angle, and then leaking it to the Man.  The real shocker is that Angle, who ran on an anti-Republican establishment platform, confessed in this private meeting that she is anti-Republican establishment.  Another huge breaking story.
  • Today is the First Monday in October, which means the Supremes start this term’s show.  Breaking-story — Elena Kagan apparently said something.
  • We still don’t really know much about Stuxnet, but how convenenient that October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

Anything else of which I need to be aware?

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You left out that Abadinijad (misspelled and I don't care) declared that Iran's nuclear program is stalled because of a radiation leak not because of Stuxnet. No word as to why he arrested so many of his software engineers. Sounds more like a hardware problem.

The progressives have their panties in a knot because there's a county in Tennessee that still believes in freedom.

In said county, if a resident wants fire department services he has to pay $75 per year for the services. If a county resident chooses not to pay, then no service. It's a pretty straightforward arrangement. Some guy decided he didn't want to let go of the whopping $75 and decided to take the risk his house wouldn't catch fire. But it did catch fire and the fire department refused to put it out.

Of course, many progressives are outraged that the man had the freedom to be irresponsible with his own property.

On another note, are you aware the LVRJ endorsed Sharron Angle yesterday?

Predictions about Kagan and Sotomayor: Both will be investigated and ultimately be asked (quietly) to step down from the bench before they are ready. Trust me. I love this country!

Pasadenaphil: It's actually spelled "Abadjihad"