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What Is The “Al Gore Support Center” Afraid Of?

What Is The “Al Gore Support Center” Afraid Of?

Who knew there was such a thing as the Al Gore Support Center?

I stumbled upon the website when tracking down Gore’s reputed statement about Al and Tipper being the role models for the 1970 movie Love Story, since I was running a movie clip as my Video of the Day.

Go to the Al Gore Myths Debunked page, to see Gore’s greatest hits, debunked or not, including the Love Story story (almost incoherent explanation, but seems that Gore did make the comment that he was a model for the movie, not Tipper). 

There are many other “myths” addressed, including The Invention of the Internet, and the “myth” that Gore is “Stiff and Boring.”  The website does not appear to have been updated since 2006, although forum posting still is open.  Without the help of the Al Gore Support Center, the greatest Al Gore “myth” of all, the Crazed Sex Poodle story, will remain a mystery forever.

One would think that a website devoted to debunking myths would allow people to copy portions for fair use elsewhere, to help spread the true word about Al Gore.  But no, the Al Gore Support Center has coded its website to prevent any copying of material:

What is the Al Gore Support Center afraid of? 

After all, the Al Gore Support Center proves that Gore invented anti-smear websites, of the type later used by Barack Obama.

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whenever you encounter these pesky websites, highlight the text and hit Ctrl + C, and then Ctrl + V in a word processing application. Long live free expression of Copying …

Use Firefox as your browser and add a couple of ad-ons such as screengrab 0.96.3. Take a picture of the entire screen and then edit it in whatever editor you have.Paint will work but there are a number of free editors you can use.Irfan view being the easiest.You just type that in your search engine or the browser itself and then download it.

Just speaking as a computer person, this offends me for its clumsiness. Among other workarounds are disable Javascript, using any number of Firefox addons that circumvent this kind of thing, and simply viewing the source and copying from that. And these people think that it's secure? It is to laugh.

Just save any page as a "text file" from Firefox and voila … copy/paste to your heart's content.

They are a faux Gore support site that only "supports" the man when it benefits them. I wouldn't even bother with them. Their site isn't even updated.

That site is a faux Al Gore Support site that pushes out real supporters. They think they corner the market on supporting the man when they aren't even out here supporting anything he does. They just sit there all day making small talk waiting for something to happen they can latch onto and take credit for. I wouldn't waste my time there.

Step 1.) Control+A (Select All)
Step 2.) Control+C (Copy)
Step 3.) Control+V (Paste)
Step 4.) ????
Step 5.) PROFIT!

You'd think the Man Who Invented The Internet would know that there's no way to completely prevent web content from being copied…

Also, Firefox with script-blockers… Greasemonkey… Edit -> View Source… there are dozens of ways to circumvent this so-called "protection".

Pathetic. Like Gore himself.