The Huffington Post is running a multi-part series on The Jewish Problem With Obama:

Obama has recently backed off from some of his public assaults on Israel, but he is still in trouble with large segments of the Jewish community. Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, the coordinating body for 52 Jewish groups, estimates that Obama may have lost the support of as much as one-third of Jewish voters. That may overstate the case, but as we discovered during interviews with more than a dozen Jewish leaders over the past several months, many Jews have become so annoyed with the Obama administration that they have closed their wallets and are seriously thinking of sitting out the 2010 election.

To its credit, HuffPo — which is home to Israel-bashers like MJ Rosenberg of Media Matters – is running the article which originally was intended for Vanity Fair.

As Ben Smith reports, Vanity Fair refused to run the article due to supposed space problems:

The piece is sharply negative, but the a [sic] Vanity Fair spokeswoman, Beth Kseniak, said it was killed for reasons of space, not content; Klein [one of the authors] said he’d been told the same, and had no reason to doubt it.

Interesting how Vanity Fair is so concerned with space.  Vanity Fair never seems to lack space for pathetic hit pieces on Sarah Palin.

I guess this is what passes for journalism in the age of Obama.

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