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Sunday Miscellaneous Insanity

Sunday Miscellaneous Insanity

Going to be leaving on a jet plane soon, but not before noting some of the headlines today:

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Obama blames the Republicans for his failure to address AIDS issues? Like how Bush contributed billions of dollars (almost the entire world's contribution) towards AIDS research and abatement, especially in Africa? You know Barry, that's where Kenya is found? Muslim step-brother polygamist? Remember? Yah! Yah! That Africa! Did Condi approve this latest tidbit of idiocy too?

It is far past the time for Obama to ditch his teleprompter and return to standing in the street with a bullhorn yelling at "the man" in bank buildings.

Re Ms. McCain — someone should start a campaign to Free George Will; he must be increasingly lonely as the only adult at Christiane Amanpour's table. CNN should hire him away from ABC and pair him with a sane liberal to replace Parker/Spitzer. (What's Mario Cuomo up to these days? Nearest I can come.)

A thought on Meghan 'Miss Piggy' McCain.

There are two things that will destroy her.

1) A full body shot showing how much weight she's gained. (Because so far, she's playing the 'sexy head and boob shot' game).

2) The end of her useful idiot status with the Left, at which moment she will be Sheehaned – or kicked to the curb with no one left.

I actually feel sorry for what is coming for this poor, stupid girl.

Bush (both of them) failed to solve all domestic and foreign problems, and even created a few new ones.

We can't blame Obama (smile) if he can't solve all of the problems left to him by an unfair and unkind world. His proposal is reasonable according to Democratic principles. Give him and the Democrats 40 years and all of the money, and they will deliver a utopia which will impress everyone, even the critics.

Or, at least they will make the situation much better than it would have been, although worse than it is now. If the smartest people (Democrats, smile) with good intentions and all the money can't make things better, then no one could. Don't blame them for trying.


One commenter said she's seen as fat, poor and stupid, which is obviously better than nutjob. So how do you see Ms. McCain, professor?

And I'd love to go quote-for-quote between O'Donnell and McCain if anybody's willing to defend the nutjob.