Right?  I mean, all we now have to do is to run to this Judge in Alaska and point out that if Joe Miller’s confidential personnel file from a prior employer needs to be made public because running for Senate is so important, certainly we are entitled to more information about Obama than he tells us in his books, right?

From the Anchorage Daily News, Judge orders Miller documents released:

In an unusual weekend hearing, retired Superior Court Judge Winston Burbank ruled that the public’s right to know about candidates outweighed Miller’s right to privacy.

“I hold that although Mr. Miller has a legitimate expectation of privacy in those documents, Mr. Miller’s right to privacy is indeed outweighed by the public’s significant interest in the background of a public figure who is running for the U.S. Senate,” the judge said. He noted that U.S. senator is among the highest elected offices in the nation.

This makes perfect sense on the face of it.  Alaska, here we come.

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