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Rare Haughty-Naughty Bumper Sticker

Rare Haughty-Naughty Bumper Sticker

Spotted by a reader in Chapel Hill, NC (the Ithaca of the South), a now rare and suprisingly well-preserved Haughty-Naughty (Kerry-Edwards) bumper sticker, with a touch of Ohio Moonbat thrown in:

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Save A Planet – Drive A Gas Guzzler.

A neighbor of mine is equally dim.

Definitely a mixture of moonbat and enviro-nazi on the Kerry nutwagon.

Have you ever noticed the more bumper stickers, the slower they drive?

i just find it amazing that the vehicle has NC plates.

Bad news! It's a mini-van. They're probably breeding!

There's this one car that I see every morning in traffic on I93 here in NH that is like this car on steroids (and with NH-centric politicos instead of Troll King Kucinich). I met up with it again this morning, and I had to laugh. The shiny pick-up truck behind it had a "Tea Party Patriot" sticker and an anti-Obama sticker slapped proudly on its bumper, and the car in FRONT of it had the "Bend Over: Here Comes the Change" anti-Obama sticker front (back?) and center. It was like a sandwich of automotive awesome.

Let the bumper sticker Wars commence.

My bumper sticker of choice.

The great thing about Cash for Clunkers is how many Obama stickers it took off the road!