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Proof Joe Sestak Is In Deep (You Know What)

Proof Joe Sestak Is In Deep (You Know What)

Wow, Joe Sestak’s internal polling must be really awful for him to start running commercials (h/t Gateway Pundit via HotAir) in which he holds up a sack of dog poop to symbolize all the troubles he’s had as a Democrat picking up after Republicans.

How desperate.  A symbol of the Democratic Party circa 2010.

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A clever way to say something vulgar.

They feel the need to swear in your face to get through to you and get your vote.

The disrespect for all of us is unpatriotic, in of itself.

I've got a News Flash for Sestak…

We Americans are up to our eyebrows in the bullsh*t this "progressive" Administration and its abettors in Congress has sunk us into.

Let him put that in his pipe and smoke it.



Didn't Michelle Bachmann's opponent also get scatological in her ads?

Why didn't he do an ad touting all the DemocRat "accomplishments"? I guess he realized he'd be much better off with a SMALLER bag of poop….

What gets me is that the real "poop" was caused not by the Republicans, but by the Dem Congress that has existed since 2006.

The "poop" goes right back to the Carter era, because it was Carter who pushed that Act that brought about Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and of course the nightmare of giving mortgage loans to people who never could pay for the mortgage.

Looks like he is holding an Obama Shovel Ready Job.

When the taxpayers get done kicking the s**t out of Sestak, what's left of him will fit in that bag he is holding.