I previously posted about how Gloria Allred exposed her client, Nicky Diaz, to deportation and criminal prosecution by taking Diaz public in such a high profile way in order to damage Meg Whitman’s campaign.

Last night Greta Van Susteren continued her pummelling of Allred on the issue.  Allred claims that Diaz wanted to do it, and was appropriately cautioned about the risks.

But Greta wasn’t having any of it, and neither am I.  No lawyer has to assist a client in committing legal suicide (even assuming it was just an assist, and not a push).

Greta’s interview with John Morton, head of enforcement for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, nailed the issue.  I.C.E. would not have known about Diaz but for the press conferences staged by Allred, but I.C.E. knows now.  Watch the video, particularly beginning at 1:15:

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