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Nicky Diaz, meet Mr. I.C.E.

Nicky Diaz, meet Mr. I.C.E.

I previously posted about how Gloria Allred exposed her client, Nicky Diaz, to deportation and criminal prosecution by taking Diaz public in such a high profile way in order to damage Meg Whitman’s campaign.

Last night Greta Van Susteren continued her pummelling of Allred on the issue.  Allred claims that Diaz wanted to do it, and was appropriately cautioned about the risks.

But Greta wasn’t having any of it, and neither am I.  No lawyer has to assist a client in committing legal suicide (even assuming it was just an assist, and not a push).

Greta’s interview with John Morton, head of enforcement for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, nailed the issue.  I.C.E. would not have known about Diaz but for the press conferences staged by Allred, but I.C.E. knows now.  Watch the video, particularly beginning at 1:15:

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Something really interesting happened during Gloria Allred's repeat performance on Greta; Allred all but admitted that this *is* about the Governor's race. Greta suggested that the housekeeper, being an admitted liar, wasn't the right person to be making the case about Whitman's character, and Allred blurted back that perhaps Whitman isn't the right kind of person to be governor.

In addition to the housekeeper's federal problems, she has violated state law as well by having a fraudulent California drivers license. Did she register to vote when she got that license, and has she voted? And shouldn't California's top cop, Jerry Brown, be looking into this?

Gloria Allrat is a lying sack of mouse crap.

Just as with Schwarzenegger in 2003, Allrat springs yet another "October Surprise" in a failed attempt to scuttle the electoral process.

Aren't Progressive's a fun bunch?

Allrat certainly makes you wonder if Christine O'Donnell (R-DE) was onto something when she so famously said on the O'Reilly Factor a couple years back that "scientists had successfully crossbred mice with human brains".


In that case, the title of this recent Allrat revelation should be called "Rodent Turd II".

I can hardly wait till the next election cycle for "Rodent Turd III".

Read the whole article on "We" @

Allred is a socialist hack who cares not who she destroys in her quest for thugdom's queen status.

Ms Allred really opened a can of worms in this case. The worst part is that the lady was paid twenty three dollars an hour. Doesn't that just break your heart?

Mr. Zack? Mr. Zack? Paging Mister Stephen N. Zack? Paging American Bar Association President Stephen N. Zack? Please pick up the Ethics Inquiry Courtesy Telephone: American Bar Association President Stephen N. Zack?

OK. I know am I not kidding anyone here in California, with incumbent State Attorney General Edmund G. "Jerry" Brown who declined to defend Proposition 8 (also known as the manifest will of the electorate in its passage) in court, that any form of correction will take place in terms of licenciate to practice law.

Despair, however, is a sin. I do not despair in this case either.

Thanks, Professor.

Oh, Oh, Gloria.
"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

This might make you laugh. Nicky Diaz is asked to prove her independence. The results are hilarious.

Much like Lilac Sunday I want an interviewer to ask Gloria who Nicky Diaz is voting for. I expect GA's response would be that she is ineligible to vote wherein the interviewer would respond that she's also not eligible to work here, obtain a driver's license or have a SS card and her ineligiblity didn't seem to stop her. How many illegal aliens vote and how often should be one of the themes of this little endeavor of GA's.

Hmmm…Nicky Diaz' immigration lawyer is Marc Van der Hout. 'Wonder how those two met?

Same "social" circles, perhaps? / sarc off

@paul – you may need Flash or some add on to see the embed, so I added a link to the FoxNews page which has the video.

If she's suing Meg Whitman, Whitman ought to be awarded costs and attorneys fees. Of course, Diaz would have to pay them, which will never happen. Allred, will skate, or pay a fine that will hurt her about as much as a flea bite.

Is it any wonder people hate lawyers and distrust the legal system?

Is what she did considered legal malpractice?

Tom Bridgeland | October 9, 2010 at 12:46 am

Seems to me that Nicky might have cause to sue Allred. That would be neat turn-around.

What really surprises is that the October surprises are coming so early in October.

The normal time for them is the Friday before the election. Certainly no more than a week before the election. You don't want too much time for counter battery fire.

I think the Ds are panicked. Bad panicked. Pissing, crapping, and moaning panicked.

When the troops get disorderly it is no longer just a defeat, it is a rout.

Everything they do makes it worse and they are terrified of doing nothing.

Greta made mincemeat of Allred – there is simply no way any attorney allows a client facing criminal jeopardy AND deportation to go public over a minor claim for revenge. Her repeated claims that Diaz "was advised of the risks" falls short. Any attorney worth their salt would have gone to the mat to stop this insane action. To do otherwise cheats the client of representation.

I want to to see Nicky Diaz frog marched to the detention center on her way to jail or back to her home country. With her anchor babies in tow.


I don't think so. She willingly let herself be used in American politics…she needs to pay a price.

Is there a bar complaint in this? Diaz is getting thrown under the ICE bus, and Allred could not of more brought Diaz's plight to the attention of authorities then if she was working for ICE but with out arrest powers.

How can any client trust a lawyer, or a bar with lawyers like this?

Is it me of does Morton come off as the most straight talking member of this administration that I have seen to date

The question I want to know is, does Moonbeam Brown think Allred is a 'whore' too?

"Diaz is getting thrown under the ICE bus …"

Au contraire. The bimbo states emphatically that she is NO one's puppet. Therefore we have to believe that she was born and raised under the bus and likes it there.

After all, she wouldn't lie, would she?